Wednesday, November 22, 2006

CarbonCloud in Geospatial Solutions Magazine

Logo courtesy of Geospatial Solutions

Geospatial Solutions magazine recently did an article highlighting CarbonCloud. Read more

Some quotable quips -

"Unlike standard data-sharing techniques by which users exchange information via the Web or a server, CarbonCloud employs network connectivity inherent in computers — WiFi cards, for example — to allow them to acquire, annotate, and share data directly with another person’s computer in real time. There is no server or Web site involved."

[talking about responding to an emergency] “It’s instant situational awareness and it evolves as their response progresses. And if there is a really bad incident and the Internet goes down, CarbonCloud will still enable them to form an ad hoc network through their mobile computers using their wireless cards. Right now, a standard laptop or ultra-mobile PC Wi-Fi card provides a range of about 50 yards between connection points. In the near future, improved antennas that boost the Wi-Fi range will provide almost unlimited coverage potential. So as they roll up on the scene, they’ll all establish their secure network and communicate in real time even with the Internet down.”

And, of course, another example of my ability to say silly things [on the importance of geospatial information] -

“If you have no maps or imagery...You’ll just stare at white space.”


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