Tuesday, February 19, 2008

CarbonTools PRO Featured in GIS Development

Image Courtesy and Copyright of GIS Development Magazine

CarbonTools PRO is featured in this month's GIS Development magazine. Here's an excerpt -

"Digital mapping has been the exclusive domain of professional GIS users until recently when Google released a friendly mapping system named 'Google Maps'. Google Maps gave Web developers the ability to add mapping to their websites without consulting the mapping specialist. Suddenly GIS was both a cool and indispensable feature of websites.

Not to be outdone, Microsoft quickly followed suit with 'Virtual Earth' and mapping is now a mandatory component of nearly all Web sites. Though this kind of simple "mash-up" mapping opened new possibilities for developers, it didn't change the way geospatial software is designed, developed or applied, and it did little to help programmers use the growing number of geospatial content sources like KML, GML, Web Map and Feature Services and others in their desktop applications. However, The Carbon Project...responded to this challenge with a software development framework called CarbonTools PRO."
Check it out if you get a moment. A few of the code examples got a bit mangled in the editing process, so let me know if you have any questions.



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