Monday, June 16, 2008

Is there an Echo in here?

Our new version of Echo myPlace was recently featured in Geospatial Solutions magazine.

In the article, Mary Jo works with me as I try to explain how Echo's geosocial interactivity stands to redefine "data-sharing" — from local news to micro-targeted marketing. Some excerpts include -

"Just about the time that most people were catching on to the idea of blogging, bloggers were already establishing and driving a new form of social commentary. Today that trend is a well-established "new normal" for online information distribution.

Come this summer, however, we may see a new breed of geosocial commentators rippling through the Web space. "Echoers" — users of The Carbon Project's Echo myPlace (EMP) geosocial networking software — will share georeferenced Internet videos, news, photos, and other community-related information with other users through EMP's people-to-people technology and Microsoft's Virtual Earth.

Based on Microsoft's new Internet media platform Silverlight 2, EMP integrates a 2D and 3D neo-mapping environment with real-time content to bring georeferenced virtuality to any bit of information users want to share."

Read more here

- Jeff


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