Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Gaia 3.2 is here!

Gaia 3.2 accessing Microsoft Virtual Earth, Intergraph WFS and the new NSDI WFS

Gaia 3.2 is now released. This version includes many enhancements and is based on the latest CarbonTools PRO 3.0.2 assemblies.

We improved the support to OGC services as well as KML. We also added new features, such as a legend panel for features and labeling. The most exciting thing about this release is the new extensions API (see developer's guide). Expect to see new extenders soon, as we'll release new components such as GPS tracking, Lat-Long to National Grid conversion and more...

You can find the new Gaia and an updated Users Guide in the Downloads section of The Carbon Portal.

- Jeff


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