Monday, August 11, 2008

OneGeology - Mother Earth naked

Canadian geology WMS from NRCAN and other sources in the new Gaia 3.2

Ever wondered what our world would look like stripped bare of all plants, soils, water and man-made structures? Well wonder no longer; images of the Earth as never seen before have been unveiled in the world’s biggest geological mapping project ever.

Earth and computer scientists from 79 nations are working together on a global project called OneGeology to produce the first digital geological map of the world. This project is doing the same for the rocks beneath our feet that Google and Virtual Earth maps do for the Earth’s surface.
However, instead of a proprietary mapping method OneGeology is based on the OGC/ISO Web Map Server (WMS) - and organizations from around the world are being invited to deploy their own server contributions and plug-in.
OneGeology is supported by UNESCO and six other international umbrella bodies and is the flagship project for UN International Year of Planet Earth 2008.
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