Wednesday, November 12, 2008

National Map 2.0 and OGC Web Services

According to the USGS, the National Map will roll out new online services over the next year. Discussed in the "National Map 2.0" Tactical Plan

"The USGS will offer a series of Web map and data services that will provide system developers and Web application users with high-speed access to TNM geographic data content. This migration to a standards-based online service provider will mitigate the traditional barriers associated with accessing and manipulating geospatial information. This model will provide real-time access to TNM content that will enable users to focus on value-added applications and processes. The services will include Web Mapping Services (WMS), Web Feature Services (WFS), and Web Coverage Services (WCS).

Through these services, the USGS will be able to provide its user community with a standards-based interoperability solution for data access and use. These services will guarantee speed and reliability of data access that will eliminate the need for users to make local copies of data to perform mapping and analysis."

- Jeff


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