Sunday, December 14, 2008

Gaia users now have ‘one-click’ access to US Framework WFS

We're pleased to announce a new Gaia Extender that integrates our user-friendly geospatial browser with Framework WFS of the US Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) - offering one-click access to transportation, political boundaries and hydrography content for the nation.

One-click access to Framework WFS was a key goal of Gaia development and the Extenders API provided the backbone to implement this capability in minutes. Gaia Extenders like this one are a testament to the open approach we’re taking at The Carbon Project.

Gaia is built with CarbonTools. It was developed as part of the NSDI Cooperative Agreement Program (CAP) in collaboration with the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources (NC DENR), the US EPA and other visionary organizations. Gaia 3.2 provides a robust and open API that lets programmers develop Gaia Extenders with or without a CarbonTools PRO license. Gaia Extenders are light, easy to deploy bits of code that can alter Gaia’s functionality.

Gaia is free at Source code is fully open-source to CarbonTools customers and available under a per developer license that has no limits, royalties, restrictions or fees on deploying applications - ever.

The USGS Framework SDI One-Click Extender will be available next week as a free download. The Framework WFS is powered by CubeWerx WFS.

- Jeff


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