Wednesday, December 10, 2008

On the surge in OGC SDI...

Adena from All Points Blog had some questions about our recent announcement and writes -

"Last week The Carbon Project put out a press release titled Carbon Project Announces New Gaia Support Package in Response to OGC SDI Surge. I wondered about such a surge (a term which alas relates in my mind to events in Iraq not geospatial technology). I asked Jeff Harrison, president and CEO, about the nature of the surge and the reasons for it."

I replied that the worldwide surge of activity in developing SDI based on OGC standards is especially pronounced in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. The surge is being caused by three factors -

- The maturity of OGC SDI standards, many of these have become ISO standards and are now widely accepted

- Implementation of the technologies in standards-based commercial software has reached a critical mass in the last 18 months - making it possible to do"real work" instead of testing and piloting

- The public sectors embracing OGC SDI 1.0 interoperability and placing these requirements into procurements

Cameron Shorter hit on another factor causing the surge in OGC SDI -

"Huge quantities of data are now being put online."

- Jeff


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