Saturday, January 24, 2009

More NSDI 2.0 on Twitter

Good write up on grassroots proposal for NSDI 2.0 There is a role for open source and open data in this proposal about 3 hours ago
from twhirl

@DruidSmith Some authors are pretty well connected inside the Beltway, But, I don't what they've done recently. I'd like to work on it, too about 11 hours ago
from twhirl

@DruidSmith NSDI 2.0 is lacking details. But the authors have been making SDI work for a long time. They can fill in the details as needed. about 11 hours ago
from twhirl

RT @DruidSmith: A Geo-Concept for American Recovery and Reinvestment: NSDI 2.0 Looks like a good, doable plan about 11 hours ago
from twhirl

NOTE - Authors and help making this work are welcome!


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