Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Add Location-based Data Feeds to Recovery.gov

The Carbon Project has contributed its idea to The National Dialogue that's gathering technical ideas for implementing Recovery.gov.

What is the idea?

Publish a location-based data feed with Recovery.gov so applications can be developed that enable "at-a-glance" visualization of projects starting up and completing across the country. This feed would be a key part of the Recovery.gov service and offer a geographic version of the popular RSS news format (called GeoRSS). An open source "mini-map" tool being developed for Geodata.gov illustrates how publishing such federal data feeds can spur significant innovation. Examples are available on YouTube here - for government users unable to access YouTube another example is available here.

Why is it important?

Publishing federal government information in open data feeds has the potential to transform the technology industry. When DOD opened GPS readings for public use, an entire new industry of location-based applications was born. We see the same potential with federal data feeds that include location content.

- Jeff


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