Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Congressional Research Service report cites NSDI 2.0 Paper

A June 9, 2009 Congressional Research Service report on "Geospatial Information and Geographic Information Systems (GIS): Current Issues and Future Challenges" cites the NSDI 2.0 Concept Paper -

"In early 2009, several proposals were released calling for efforts to create a national GIS, or for renewed investment in the national spatial data infrastructure, or even to create a “NSDI 2.0." The release of these proposals coincided with deliberation of major legislation to stimulate the U.S. economy through massive spending on the nation’s infrastructure, among other things, that eventually passed as P.L. 111-5, the American Investment and Recovery Act of 2009 (ARRA). The language in the proposals attempted to make the case for considering such investments part of the national investment in critical infrastructure, both by directly supporting these national GIS and geospatial efforts, but also via secondary effects. For example, one proposal indicated that organizations rebuilding roads, bridges, and schools need updated online information networks “to rebuild in a smart, efficient, environmentally conscious and sustainable way.”

Interesting paper - but seems to suggest that 1) everything is a "GIS" and 2) concepts like NSDI 2.0 are whines about current status of NSDI, which it is not. Updates to NSDI build on work that's been done but add an additional focus on a series of online services providing high-speed access to mapping and environmental content (hence the title, NSDI "2.0").
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