Wednesday, June 10, 2009

SDI Access Control Service unveiled at SOA workshop

An SDI Access Control Service with easy-to-use tools for managing access to all apects of a standards-based geospatial SOA was unveiled yesterday at the Geospatial SOA Workshop in DC.

The Access Control Service enables SDI managers to easily create and deploy access control rules based on user role, geography, features and OGC operations for any OGC Web Service - including WMS, WFS, WFS-G, WCS, REST WMTS, GeoSynchronization and more.

The workshop was sponsored by the 2008 NSDI Cooperative Agreements Program (CAP) - and the application above was developed by CubeWerx using data supplied by the US Army Corps of Engineers, USGS Framework Data Services, and other agencies. We also demonstrated SDI Access Control using Gaia from The Carbon Project with Secure SDI Extenders.


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