Tuesday, August 11, 2009

GOS Dashboard NSDI CAP Project - Now on Slideshare

Earlier this year The Carbon Project announced it had been selected by the 2009 National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) Cooperative Agreement Program (CAP) to develop an open source desktop dashboard for Geodata.gov, the federal government service for maps and data.

The overview briefing is now on slideshare - so please take a moment to review and send us your thoughts. As discussed, the goal of the project is to develop a free application to enable "at-a-glance" visualization of geospatial assets and monitoring of Geospatial One-Stop (GOS) Portal search functions.

A video preview of the "GOS Dashboard" is also available at http://thecarbonproject.com/Videos/GOSGadget1/GOSGadget1.htm

and on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NwzEsCftonk&feature=PlayList&p=67E4C07DC67EC2F5&index=0

The software will be jointly developed in support of governmental activities by The Carbon Project, the US Army Corps of Engineers and other FGDC representatives and based on key business requirements - and we hope to announce the first community workshop soon.

If you have any questions or would like information please contact us at info@thecarbonproject.com

- Jeff


At 8/12/2009 03:07:00 PM, Blogger Unknown said...


That looks very interesting. We had been following your efforts here in Delaware as we discuss how best to take advantage of GOS and whether or not it can stand in as a metadata system for us.

Based on the overview you have posted, this looks to me like it will be limited to users with Windows (Vista or 7). Is this the case? Or is it simply early-on yet?

At 8/17/2009 01:15:00 PM, Blogger Jeff Harrison said...


Sorry it's taken me so long to respond. Thanks for the comments and here's some scoop on the GOS Dashboard -

The current version is for Windows yes (Vista or 7) but that's just a starting point in my opinion. We began with this approach for the 2009 NSDI CAP because the project was focused on an app for federal enterprises to help visualize geospatial assets and monitor GOS search functions. But since the source code is Javascript the capability can evolve as needed - web pages, widgets, .NET apps, Extenders to Gaia etc.

Please note there will be another version out later this week that reads 100 entries from the Geodata.gov GeoRSS feed and also adds a service ‘SCORE’ from the FGDC Service Status Checker - so people can get an idea of the reliability of the WMS, WFS, ArcIMS services.

We welcome feedback and are working to set up some initial virtual workshops so folks can get together to discuss.

- Jeff


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