Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Common base map data for all - Canada's Framework Data guide

The popularity of Google Earth and Microsoft Bing Maps has resulted in exponential growth in the use of Internet mapping. But as Google's use of government base map data demonstrates, Google and Microsoft will continue to need access to common base map data from organizations that create it and keep it accurate and up-to-date. The GeoConnections Framework Data Guide explains how to use this common base map information, called Framework Data, in Canada. Canada's Framework Data provides physical features and other types of information linked to Canada's geography - available as discrete information layers like those shown above in the Gaia SDI Platform so you can make you own maps and applications. Canadian framework data standards meet international norms such as the OGC WMS in Gaia, making the data compatible with both commercial and custom geospatial information applications.

- Jeff


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