Friday, December 18, 2009

Onix Networking awarded GIS SmartBUY BPA - Google, CubeWerx, Carbon Project software selected

Onix Networking Corporation, a leading information technology provider to the federal government since 1992, has been awarded Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) No. GSQ0009AE0027 for Geospatial Information Systems. This is a single award BPA to a Small Business, established competitively against the GSA Schedule for a five (5) year term and is open for ordering by all United States Federal agencies, Department of Defense Components, authorized state and local government entities, and authorized contractors.

Geospatial technologies and services offered by Onix Networking under the BPA include Google Earth™, Google Maps™, and Google Sketchup™, Carbon Project Gaia products, CubeWerx products and services from NT Concepts. Google Earth™ Enterprise solutions help organizations with imagery and other geospatial data make that information accessible and useful to all users who need access via an intuitive, fast application. Carbon Project Gaia is a platform designed for advanced geospatial network and SDI needs, and CubeWerx CubeSTOR is a highly scalable Spatial Data Warehouse product that handles massive amounts (terabytes) of geospatial data in vector, raster, imagery or metadata format. Together, these product offerings provide a wide array of GIS options to the government.

A simple, single point of purchase for Google™, CubeWerx and Carbon Project geospatial products is now available to the government through the BPA. This Geospatial SmartBUY Agreement will make geospatial technology more accessible, will help reduce costs and streamline administration, while improving access to high quality commercial geospatial software and support products for government users. It is Onix Networking's goal to provide the government with access to technically advanced products and the highest level of services.

“Onix has served as a trusted supplier to the Federal government for the evaluation, deployment, and integration of GIS solutions and numerous government customers have already selected Onix Networking as their provider of choice for securing Google™ GIS products,” said Onix Networking Federal Sales Manager and BPA Program Manager, Dal VanDervort. “This award significantly strengthens our ability to help government organizations deploy geospatial solutions simply and economically and we are pleased to have been chosen as the single small business awardee for this important initiative.”

This BPA has been designated as a co-branded GSA/FAS/SmartBUY PMO and DoD/ESI Agreement. Contractually, the Enterprise Software Agreement (ESA) is a GSA Multiple Award Schedule-based Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA), under the contract #GS-35F-5519H. Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs) reduce contracting and open market costs such as: search for sources, the development of technical documents, solicitations, and the evaluation of bids and offers.

Information regarding the agreement can be found on the Onix Networking SmartBUY website at, on the SmartBUY website at, and on the DoD/ESI website

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