Monday, March 01, 2010

GSA "Getting Smart with Geospatial"

Geospatial Intelligence Forum magazine for Feb 2010 features the new GSA program that enables Government agencies to purchase geospatial software and services at substantial discounts - and CubeWerx software is right there next to Google Earth Enterprise in the products. According to Geospatial Intelligence Forum -

"Federal and other government agencies will be able to purchase geospatial software and services at substantial discounts under new SmartBuy blanket purchase agreements announced recently by the General Services Administration (GSA).

SmartBuy is a federal procurement program that promotes effective software management. The Smart-Buy awards are co-branded with the Department of Defense Enterprise Software Initiative program."

The article goes on to point out that GSA SmartBuy geospatial awards were made to Onix Networking Corporation for Google and CubeWerx software among others - with CubeWerx software providing "Standards-based off the shelf software products in response to spatial data infrastructure requirements for interoperable information infrastructures." Nice. Of course, CubeWerx software is made available to GSA SmartBuy through The Carbon Project's GSA Schedule and Gaia is also available.

- Jeff (image courtesy of and copyright by Geospatial Intelligence Forum magazine)


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