Friday, May 07, 2010

Web services provide access to Hawaii infrastructure info

During a recent "10 minutes with NSDI Web Services" talk at AAG I discussed some new web feature services (WFS) from PDC. I was impressed with the services (good data, easy access) and see them as another great example of geospatial services oriented architecture (GSOA) advancing on the Internet.

The WFS are provided by Pacific Disaster Center and come in several flavors, each supporting a different theme. Two of my favorites are Infrastructure and Emergency Services. Just plug the service descriptions for each of these into Gaia to access them. Hint - a trick I use to add services is just clicking on the "Gaia" icon in the GOS Dashboard, your service list in Gaia will be automatically updated. The example above shows the PDC WFS for Emergency Services accessed using this technique through the open source GOS Dashboard for Windows 7/Vista and free Gaia from The Carbon Project. Enjoy!

- Jeff and Mark


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