Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Success Story at IPv6 Conference

Photo courtesy of the “The New New Internet” Conference

Last week I had the opportunity to present one of the first IPv6 success stories at the The New New Internet: Success in Securing and Building IPv6 Conference in Crystal City, Virginia.

The presentation, “Geosocial Networking - an IPv6 Success Story” described geosocial networking as a communications phenomenon where software solutions combine mapping with peer-to-peer (p2p) social networking.

During the briefing we described our new p2p applications based on IPv6, wireless technology and Microsoft’s peer-to-peer API. I also discussed how our Geosocial Networking applications can provide efficient people-to-people communications during incident response, facility security operations and other network-centric operations.

It was refreshing to hear one of the conference organizers say, “We were looking for ready-to-go IPv6 products and The Carbon Project was one of the few companies that had not just router hardware and software, but an actual user-focused application ready to go.”

Go Vsix


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