Monday, September 10, 2007

SDI 1.0 and CarbonArc Featured in GISCafe

CarbonArc PRO was featured this week at GISCafe. Much thanks to Susan Smith for some great writing - She really took the complexity out of SDI 1.0 and made it understandable.

Some quotables -

"SDI 1.0, a suite of standards from the OGC, is being adopted by a number of government and geospatial intelligence agencies."

“We’ve created a set of products for ArcGIS that supports that SDI 1.0 baseline”

"SDI 1.0 includes familiar OGC standards such Web Map Server, GML, WFS, and additional unfamiliar things like filters and catalogs, that allow users to put together complex systems much faster and at much lower cost than they have been able to do in the past."

“SDI 1.0 is going to be for GIS and geospatial power users, as it is a more professional set of requirements. Although I do think some elements will make their way to the consumer. The trick is to wrap the complexity into something that consumers can use without worrying what GML is or what WFS stands for.”

"CarbonArc PRO makes it easy for users to leverage SDI 1.0 by simplifying all the OGC complexity into a series of easy to use tools. When a user opens CarbonArc PRO they don’t see OGC or specifications, they just see a number of different services they can connect up to like they would see for Yahoo Maps or Google Maps."


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