Friday, February 29, 2008

Does ESRI need to Fear OGC (or vice versa)?

Infrastructure under attack?

Eamonn from ESRI attacked OGC's SOA and spatial infrastructure efforts in the recent DirectionsMag article - "The Strategic Power of OGC Standards" - and folks jumped on him.

I usually stay out of these rows since it takes time to generate those really looooooong responses popular in the community - but I thought about it and asked myself some simple questions -

Can users do what they need to do with OGC standards? Yep

Are OGC standards perfect? Nope

Are enterprises adopting OGC? Yep

Does ESRI need to fear OGC standards? Nope

ESRI servers support OGC standards very well, and you can use the entire OGC SDI baseline on ArcGIS with the CarbonArc PRO extension.



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