Sunday, February 22, 2009

Gaia users create new Extenders

Gaia users have created their own version of the Framework WFS "one-click" Extender (The Carbon Project's Gaia shown above for reference)

The Carbon Project has been getting some positive feedback on The Carbon Portal about Gaia and the Extenders API, and people are now creating their own Extenders including -

  • A Gaia Extender for capturing the active map to the clipboard
  • A new version of our USGS Framework WFS "one-click" Extender
  • An Extender to enter an address, geocode it and move the map to that location.
  • One to add a note (or just a marker) to a map using the Gaia Extender API
You can try it yourself by getting Gaia free from this link. Sample Extenders are available here. Good luck with the development.
- Jeff


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