Wednesday, October 07, 2009

What does the NSDI look like? A partial view...

Yesterday someone asked, "what does the NSDI look like?" After coffee this morning and before my first meeting I took 30 minutes to see if I could generate a picture using online sources. What I came up with is above, all accessed in the last 30 minutes with Gaia using WMS/WFS/GML,, GOS Dashboard and Bing. From the bottom up - spatial data from localities and states, information on the environment, imagery of all types, elevations, water, transportation, community boundaries and names.

Of course, it's very incomplete, and uses just 13 out of thousands of possible services with no data files like KML - and my apologies to Alaska and Hawaii.

- Jeff
(Sources: USGS Framework WMS/WFS, MassGIS WFS/WMS, Montana, North Dakota, New Jersey, Maine WMS, NASA WMS, EPA WFS, EDNA WMS, Bing Maps,, GOS Dashboard, Gaia)


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