Tuesday, January 05, 2010

CarbonTools PRO release enhances OGC WCS, ESRI WFS-T editing support

As a "Happy New Year" gift we released CarbonTools PRO Version 3.1.1 on December 31, 2009.

This version has many updates and changes - including better support to some of the more modern OGC services like WCS 1.1.x, new features to work with ArcGIS Server WFS-T and WFS 1.1, improved handling of GML 3 and full source code of Gaia 3.4.1.

Some of the highlights from the CarbonTools PRO Version 3.1.1 release include:

  • Capabilities parser now supports WCS 1.1.x
  • WCS.QueryBuilder now supports WCS version 1.1.x
  • HandlerWCS supports WCS version 1.1.x
  • DataFeatures.LockId property added and contains a parsed lockId attribute from GML
  • Added MultiMap.GeometryEditGetMarkerPoints and MultiMap.GeometryEditUpdateMarkerPoints for more feature editing extendibility.
  • Parse3_2.Parse(string, bool) adds parsing based on GML as text
  • GML 3 and GML 3.2 parsers now read the LockId from the returned FeatureCollection tag
  • WFS.QueryBuilder.BuildGetFeatureWithLock method now uses the GetFeatureWithLock element in the query
  • WFS.TransactionBuilder supports 'LockId' parameter
  • HandlerWFS : GetPersistentFeatures, AddPersistentFeatures, AddRangePersistentFeatures, RemovePersistentFeatures, ClearPersistentFeatures
  • CarbonTools.Content.OGC.GML.Parse3_2.ParseGeometry() parses a GML geometry
  • The full source code of Gaia 3.4.1
All assemblies are available for Mono users on Linux and Mac OS.

Read the complete release notes here. Hopefully, we'll get the formal announcement out later this week. Happy geospatial programming in 2010!

- Jeff


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