Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Accessing OpenStreetMap as WFS over Haiti and Dominican Republic

(updated Jan 27) Volunteers from CubeWerx and The Carbon Project have deployed OpenStreetMap (OSM) data into Web Feature Services (WFS) as part of an open information network for Haiti and the Dominican Republic. The service is being posted on and may be accessed using Gaia and other tools at -

Gaia users may click here to preview Haiti SDI OSM WFS now. To access the service users on all WFS applications just need to add the link above. The OSM WFS is offered by CubeWerx as a free public resource to help support relief, rebuilding, communications and data update operations. The OSM WFS server collects OpenStreetMap Roads, Places, Points of Interest, Buildings, Waterways, and Railways hourly and deploys them as WFS.

The Haiti and Dominican Republic OSM WFS can be combined with the Haiti SDI Cascading WMS, the UN WFS and the VGI WFS-T for WMS annotations at the following URLs:

Using the Cascading WMS above with a variety of imagery sources (GeoEye, Bing) may reveal some location offset with the OSM WFS data. The OSM WFS data matches DigitalGlobe WMS.

The Haiti Spatial Data Infrastructure (Haiti SDI) is a free public resource that may be used in Google Earth, OpenStreetMap, Gaia and other applications to support relief, rebuilding, communications and mapping data production. Haiti SDI is based on international standards for Web Mapping Services (WMS) and Web Feature Services (WFS) from ISO/OGC, and any organization is invited to contribute.

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