Friday, August 31, 2007

Glimpse of “SDI 1.0” Product for ArcGIS

The Carbon Project recently previewed its new product for ArcGIS 9.2, CarbonArc® PRO that provides a glimpse at the future of OGC® Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) 1.0 interoperability for ESRI’s ArcGIS 9.2 software. OGC SDI 1.0 is a selected suite of standards from the Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc.

CarbonArc PRO eliminates barriers to geospatial interoperability by providing OGC SDI 1.0 support - WMS, WCS, WFS, WFS-T, WFS-G, GML, GMLsf, Filter Encoding, and CS-W - directly from the ArcGIS 9.2 desktop.

“CarbonArc PRO lets you use any OGC web service and data as an integral part of the GIS,” said Nuke Goldstein, CTO and COO of The Carbon Project. “The product includes support for complex, multi-geometry GML features, advanced WFS Transactions support and powerful ‘Filter Builder’ functions for attribute-based queries from WFS.”

CarbonArc PRO will be featured at many upcoming events including GEOINT 2007 and other venues.

To learn CarbonArc PRO can help your organization, or to purchase it today, contact or visit the information page.

CarbonArc PRO was developed with CarbonTools PRO, an extension to the Microsoft .NET Framework for advanced location content handling, mapping and sharing, and implements The Carbon Project’s unique Source-Handler-Data Architecture.


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