Monday, September 10, 2007

CarbonArc Selected for National Interoperability Project

I'm pleased to announce that our CarbonArc software was selected by GeoConnections ( to support the Canadian Geospatial Data Infrastructure (CGDI) Interoperability Pilot. CarbonArc is an interoperability extension for ESRI's ArcGIS, the world's most popular geographic information system (GIS).

The Carbon Project is part of the CubeWerx CGDI team ( CubeWerx is an industry leader in standards-based web services for geodata publishing and spatial data infrastructure portals.

The project is a collaborative effort between Canadian provincial and federal partners and investigates the use of Web Feature Service (WFS) technology to support widespread dissemination of feature data while simultaneously managing the data at or near its source. An advanced version of CarbonArc will be used in the effort supporting feature discovery and access, distributed feature production management and geospatial analysis.

The Canadian Geospatial Data Infrastructure pilot project addresses a critical 'missing piece' in deploying provincial, territorial, and federal data infrastructures, managing the data at or near its source. We're proud to have been selected to support the project with the CarbonArc extension and help provincial, territorial, and federal partners.

The CGDI Interoperability Pilot is sponsored by GeoConnections, a Canadian partnership program led by Natural Resources Canada whose primary objective is to evolve and expand the CGDI. In the pilot, GeoConnections is collaborating with provincial partners to test better mechanisms for distributing and updating framework data (geographic names, national road network, administrative boundaries, etc.) - providing users with access to the most current and authoritative data, avoiding version disparities, and minimizing duplication.

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