Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Success at LoSoNet 2006

Well, on October 3 The Carbon Project held the first-ever Location-Based Social Networking (LoSoNet) for Crisis Management conference at the Sheraton National in Arlington, Virginia.

Preparing for this event took alot of time, was exhausting - and was worth every bit of effort.

The speakers at LoSoNet 2006 included thought leaders from government and industry and represented probably the finest collection of speaking talent I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.

The comments from attendees confirmed our suspicion that this event struck a very positive 'chord' -

"Great conference! Emphasized the importance of using location based social networking for information sharing."

"This was a great seminar. I feel like I received a week's worth of information in just one day."

"This was a very balanced, interesting conference. One of the best I have participated in! Action packed! Very interesting."

"This was a brilliant conference and an outstanding lineup of speakers."

LoSoNet 2006 was the first forum to connect the world of social networking with location-based information. The conference focused on emerging methods to achieve situational awareness for defense and homeland security programs and examined how to apply social networked approaches to enhance situational awareness.

Attendees of LoSoNet 2006 heard from government and industry leaders who discussed the latest requirements and technologies for P2P location-based social networking, city Wi-Fi, “emergent intelligence”, situational awareness and information fusion including: C. Douglas Bass, Emergency Manager for Fairfax County, VA; Craig Fifer, E-Government Manager for Alexandria, VA; First Sergeant Lehew Miller, Virginia Fusion Center; Tom Conry, GIS Manager, Fairfax County, VA; Twyla McDermott, GIS Manager and Corporate Strategic Technology Planner, City of Charlotte, NC; Edward Hecker, Chief, Office of Homeland Security, Directorate of Civil Works, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers; Kevin Shaw, Naval Research Lab; Julia Harrell, NC DENR GIS Coordinator; Pablo Gonzalez, Telemus Solutions; Rob Roy, Microsoft Virtual Earth; The Carbon Project and many more.

Much thanks to the speakers and the Homeland Defense Journal, who helped us organize and execute the event. Thanks also to Telemus Solutions, Inc., LBSzone and GeoWorld.

We look forward to the future of this forum. Maybe even LoSoNet 2007?