Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Success Story at IPv6 Conference

Photo courtesy of the “The New New Internet” Conference

Last week I had the opportunity to present one of the first IPv6 success stories at the The New New Internet: Success in Securing and Building IPv6 Conference in Crystal City, Virginia.

The presentation, “Geosocial Networking - an IPv6 Success Story” described geosocial networking as a communications phenomenon where software solutions combine mapping with peer-to-peer (p2p) social networking.

During the briefing we described our new p2p applications based on IPv6, wireless technology and Microsoft’s peer-to-peer API. I also discussed how our Geosocial Networking applications can provide efficient people-to-people communications during incident response, facility security operations and other network-centric operations.

It was refreshing to hear one of the conference organizers say, “We were looking for ready-to-go IPv6 products and The Carbon Project was one of the few companies that had not just router hardware and software, but an actual user-focused application ready to go.”

Go Vsix

Monday, May 14, 2007

Geosocial Networking at Digital Earth Session

The Carbon Project is proud to announce its partnership with the oneVillage Foundation in support of the Indigenous People and Community Session of the International Symposium on the Digital Earth (ISDE) June 5-9 2007 at UC Berkeley.

The Session is an opportunity to apply Geosocial Networking tools like ((Echo))MyPlace that can bring diverse groups together to work together on specific and geographically related issues.

By leveraging Geosocial Networking and tools like ((Echo))MyPlace, we hope to empower Digital Villages and enable sustainable cultures and sustainable community awareness.

We also believe that connecting people over local geographies will create grids of empowered citizens that can share meaningful and potentially life changing experiences.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Geosocial Networking at Life 2.0 Summit

Nuke getting ready for the panel on Dr Dobbs Island

The Carbon Project joined an inworld panel yesterday at Dr. Dobb’s Life 2.0 Summit, discussing real/virtual geosocial networking before a crowd in Second Life.

Talking to a virtual crowd in the Life 2.0 Amphitheatre on Dr Dobbs Island, The Carbon Project’s CTO, Nuke Goldstein, joined Dr. Dobb's John Zhaoying for a free-ranging discussion of Web-to-Second Life connections - and the exciting vision of 'net-mediated, multi-platform metaverse integration, geodata and real/virtual geosocial networking.

Other panelists included experts on interactive rating, geoindexing and search in the virtual world.

Dr. Dobb's Life 2.0 is a new effort aimed at providing software developers with a resource for events and business development within the Second Life virtual world.