Thursday, June 24, 2010

Operational Test Helps Geo-Synch, Crowdsourced WFS, Advance

Recently we had a wonderful experience helping the latest OGC Testbed, OWS-7, and ongoing contracts with some unique testing. As part of ‘hands on’ data development Gaia GeoSynchronization Service (GSS) client software was deployed and tested at MIT. During the test multiple students performed the role of data publishers “external” to a government geospatial enterprise and contributed updates to an emerging situation like the Haiti response.

In the test the students (who were basically untrained users when they started the afternoon) were asked to contribute WFS/GML edits using Gaia tools. They were only provided about 15 minutes of training. But you know what? After this period, they were able to begin successfully publishing proposed updates to Camp and Roads features using the GeoSynchronization tools and services. Several hundred proposed updates were contributed in a single two-hour production period - most of which were accepted after review, and added simultaneously and in real-time to WFS-T from multiple organizations. The CubeWerx and ArcGIS WFS-T for the test were located in Canada and The Carbon Project's Massachusetts office - and the CarbonCloud Sync GSS was deployed in Microsoft’s Azure Cloud. Many thanks to the students for their help!

- Jeff