Friday, December 02, 2011

GEOINT 2011 Tech Talk Discusses the Rise of Geospatial Collaboration

I travelled to San Antonio recently for GEOINT 2011 - a fantastic event that attracted over 4,400 attendees, exhibitors and leadership from the defense, intelligence and homeland security communities. During the Symposium I had a chance to present at the GEOINT 2011 Tech Talks and highlight the potential of 'GeoSynchronization and Geospatial Enterprise Collaboration'.

The Carbon Project's Tech Talk focused on how knowledge about the Earth and the activities on it rarely comes from one source, the movement to geospatial crowd-sourcing and the need for 'geospatial enterprises' to collaborate and share in real-time. To meet these challenges we highlighted four GEOINT collaboration scenarios based on GeoSynchronization and emerging OGC standards -

- Mobile Geo-Apps for Android that put the power of GEOINT into the hands of users.
- Using CarbonCloud Sync to 'Plug and Play' with any OGC WFS service in seconds.
- 'Initializing' online services with open Geodata Bulk Transfer (GBT) GML tools.
- Sharing automatic updates from GIS using our 'SDE Watcher' for ESRI databases.

I even had the chance to pull our Android 'GeoSync' app out of my pocket and show how we were connecting to three different services live, including WFS from CubeWerx ;-). Check it out on GEOINTv.

- Jeff