Sunday, October 07, 2012

GEOINT Source Management and Interoperability

In today's world knowledge about the Earth and the activities on it rarely comes from one source, and it's constantly changing…  Military personnel need to work in collaboration with coalition partners and non-government organizations.  In addition, there are growing crowd-sourcing and geojournalism communities adding updates every day.  In this environment easy-to-use source management, colloration and interoperability tools are vital.

Meeting these challenges requires new approaches, and this week The Carbon Project will be unveiling CarbonCloud Plus+ ... a new platform for geospatial data ingest and management.  CarbonCloud Plus+ uploads, transforms, streams and synchronizes geospatial updates using GEOINT data services - capturing open source, co-producer, in-house and crowd source updates and making them easy to access and update.  Existing data files can also be easily added to GEOINT services for use by non-GIS professionals - and update by mobile Geo-apps.

The CarbonCloud Plus+ platform uses interoperability standards from the Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc. (OGC) supported by most GIS vendors, including Esri.  The platform also easily integrates with existing GIS processes - so it's interoperable and works with existing GIS (best of both worlds).   It can also be deployed on a standalone server or used from the Microsoft Azure Cloud, further reducing costs.

Able to work with many types of GEOINT, including Foundation Data, Geonames, Human Geography and OpenStreetMap, CarbonCloud Plus+ enables seamless integration with civilian, federal, commercial and international organizations.  Easy-to-use and cost-effective, CarbonCloud Plus+ is designed to meet the multi-source GEOINT ingest and management needs of today and the future.  Follow me on Twitter @JeffHarrison for more updates throughout the week...

- Jeff